point [point]
[OFr, dot, prick < L punctum, dot, neut. of punctus, pp. of pungere, to prick (< IE base * peuĝ-, *peuk̑, to prick, jab > Ger fichte, spruce tree, L pugil, boxer, pugnus, fist); also < OFr pointe, sharp end < ML puncta < L punctus]
1. a minute mark or dot
2. a dot in printing or writing, as a period, decimal point, vowel point, etc.
a) an element in geometry having definite position, but no size, shape, or extension [a line between two points]
b) a particular or precisely specified position, location, place, or spot [points on an itinerary]
a) any of certain positions a player is stationed at in cricket, lacrosse, and other games
b) the player at such a position
5. a particular time; exact moment [the point of death]
6. a stage, condition, level, or degree reached or indicated [a boiling point]
7. a particular detail or element; item [to explain a problem point by point]
a) a distinguishing feature; characteristic
b) a physical characteristic or quality of an animal, used as a standard in judging breeding
9. a unit, as of measurement, value, game scores, etc.
a) a sharp or projecting end of something; tip
b) something with a sharp end
11. needlepoint lace
12. a projecting or tapering piece of land; promontory; cape
13. [pl.] a horse's extremities
14. a branch of a deer's antler [a ten-point buck]
a) the exact or essential fact or idea under consideration
b) the main idea, striking feature, or effective twist of a joke, story, etc.
16. a purpose; aim; object; use [no point in complaining]
a) an impressive or telling argument, fact, or idea [he has a point there ]
b) a helpful hint or suggestion
18. the posture of a hunting dog to show the presence and position of game
19. the number that the thrower must roll again before rolling a seven in order to win in craps
20. a unit used in rationing commodities, as in time of war
21. a jeweler's unit of weight, equal to 1/ 100 carat [a 10-point diamond]
22. Historical a cord with metal tips, used to lace up articles of clothing
23. Backgammon any of the 24 triangular spaces on the board
24. Ballet the position of being on the tips of the toes
25. Boxing a scoring unit used when the bout is not ended by a knockout [to win on points ]
26. Educ. a unit used in grading school or college work and figuring a student's academic average [a grade of A is worth four points per credit]
27. Elec.
a) either of the two contacts, tipped with tungsten or platinum, that make or break the circuit in some distributors
b) Brit. an electrical outlet: in full power point
28. Finance
a) a standard unit of value used in quoting changes in the prices of stocks, bonds, etc.; specif., a $1 change in the price of a stock
b) a unit equal to one percent [a two-point rise in interest rates]
c) an amount equal to one percent; specif., an amount equal to one percent of a loan secured by a mortgage: one or more points may be paid in advance by the borrower
29. Heraldry any of certain areas on a shield
30. Mil. a small party before an advance guard or behind a rear guard
31. Navigation
a) any of the 32 marks showing direction on the circumference of a compass card
b) any of the corresponding positions on the horizon
c) the angle between two successive compass points, equal to 111/ 4°
32. Printing a measuring unit for type bodies and printed matter, equal to about 1/ 72 of an inch: there are 12 points in a pica [Brit.]
33. RailroadingRailroading Brit. SWITCH (n. 6a)usually used in pl.
a) to put punctuation marks or pauses in
b) to put vowel points on (Hebrew characters)
c) to mark off (sums or numbers) with points, as esp. a decimal fraction from a whole number: with off
2. to sharpen to a point, as a pencil
3. to give (a story, remark, anecdote, action, etc.) extra force or special emphasis, as by repetition or elaboration: usually with up
4. to show or call attention to: usually with out [to point the way, to point out a person's shortcomings]
5. to aim or direct (a gun, finger, etc.)
6. to extend the foot so as to bring (the toe) more nearly in line with the leg
7. to show the presence and location of (game) by standing still and facing toward it: said of hunting dogs
8. Masonry to fill or refill and finish the joints of (brickwork or stonework) with mortar: often with up [to point up a chimney]
1. to direct one's finger or the like (at or to something)
2. to call attention or allude (to something); hint ( at something)
3. to aim or be directed (to or toward something); extend in a specified direction
4. to point game: said of a hunting dog
5. Naut. to sail close to the wind
at the point of
very close to; on the verge of
beside the point
not pertinent; irrelevant
in point
appropriate; pertinent; apt [a case in point]
in point of
in the matter of; as concerns [in point of fact]
make a point of
1. to make (something) one's strict rule, habit, or practice
2. to call special attention toon ( or upon) the point of
on the point of or upon the point of
almost in the act of; on the verge of
stretch a point or strain a point
to make an exception or concession
to the point
pertinent; apt

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